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Product Information

EasiPol is a Web Based Policy/Subscription management platform, allowing for the effective management and control of a Policy/Subscription based business. EasiPol was developed by RubiBlue (Pty) Ltd. with several advantages in mind.

  • Increase Client (policy Holder) satisfaction by ensuring them of a reliable, fraud free system.
  • Improving the Administrator’s/Insurance Underwriter’s Employee work-output by forcing the employees around Standard Business Processes via the EasiPol Software
  • Web Based Environment ensures access from anywhere/anytime within a secure Model and Framework
  • Role-based access ensures Administrators of employee/user control
  • Reducing Theft and Fraud by ensuring full audit trails of all Employee Actions within the System
  • Module Plug-ins to a Debit Order Collection Service Provider to allow fast, effective and easy debiting of Clients accounts and Auto-Receipting
  • Module Plug-ins to Remote Terminals (Pension Point) Service Provider to allow office-less receipting environment for agents in the field

EasiPol is the only Web Based Administrator Package of its kind on the market for the majority of Administrators/Insurance Underwriters. Modularity and our unique * PPPS costing model enables any size Administrator/Insurance Underwriter to effectively manage their clients and their business processes in a PROVEN business model/framework. With the ease-of-use and functionality available within the EasiPol System, users are guaranteed of usable software for the South African Administration and Insurance Environment.

Target Markets

Our Software is targetted at the following markets specifically:

  • Funeral Parlours looking for Funeral Software to help manage business operations
  • Funeral Administrators looking for software to administer and manage the Policy Quote Book
  • Group Scheme Adminstrators
  • Subscriber Managers


This is one of the most common concerns of our clients when we initially make contact with them.

To explore these concerns we identified 3 major concerns when it comes to having a system hosted on the internet:

  • Data Loss
  • Outages/Downtime
  • Security up to date

To address these concerns, we follow these steps:

  • Data Loss - We backup every 3-5 minutes offsite to our backup datacentre
  • Outages/Downtime - We have partnered with the best hosting provider in South Africa to try and limit downtime (our current uptime ratio is over 99.9964%)
  • Security up to date - We test our system security every 3 months to ensure we have the latest security techniques employed

Other points to highlight:

  • SSL - we employ SSL to ensure all traffic between our datacentre and your PC is encrypted
  • User level Access - each user can have their security rights tweaked to a granular level, allowing you to ensure all users cannot access features which they should not be able to access
  • Security updates - we ensure our Server Farm is up to date on a daily basis, to ensure no security leaks can be exploited
  • Disaster Recovery - as explained earlier we backup to our secondary location every few minutes, and if our primary datacentre fails, the secondary will be operational within several minutes
  • Cloud Environment - Because we operate in a Cloud Environment, should any hardware fail in our Server, every component has at least 1 backup otpion, sometimes more, ensuring that even if 1 or more servers fail, we are still 100% operational
  • Non Disclosure - We ensure clients non disclosure of their Client base through our signed contracts to ensure we protecting both parties involved (you and us)

Where to from here?

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