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Major Features

The following are major features of EasiPol, plus many more:

  • Funeral Policy Management - Main Members, Spouse, Extended Family, Children, Document Repository, Collection of Premium Management via multiple Collection Techniques.
  • Funeral Management - Create Funeral Files, Manage pick up and delivery dates, Costs of Funerals, BI1663 Document, Taking of Instruction from Clients (Cremation, Burial, Church, Viewings, etc.)
  • Society Management - Manage Societies, payments and claims
  • Claims Management - Using a standard workflow methodologies (for Policies or Societies)
  • Commission Management - Broker and Agent
  • Tombstone Management - Manage orders for tombstones
  • Full Reporting - Report on anything within the system with ability to filter on multiple levels

Infrastructure - Cloud Computing

As we have grown our business and our client base, we identified a massive need to ensure our clients were receiving the best possible assurances that their data was secure, accessible and up to date.

In late 2011, early 2012, we ventured on a massive capital expenditure budget to ensure we were running the best possible backend technologies availble in the market.

We opted for a Cloud based VMWare solution, that allows us these great features:

  • Hardware Redudancy - if some hardware fails, the systems switch to available servers in the Cloud cluster.
  • Connectivity Redudancy - if our primary Datacentre fails, we engage the backup datacentre within a few minutes and everything is back up without you even noticing.
  • Management - This technology allows us to easily plug more resources into the Server Farm without any disruption to you.
Web Based system allows anywhere anytime access from any web browser,including Mobile Devices.
Remote Terminal Interface allows office-less operations via Sales Force in the Field - datalookups, receipting and printing in the field.
Debit Order Plug-in allows easy and efficient collection of monies as well as a unique auto receipting feature upon success of debit order.

Where to from here?

Please select below which information you would like to view more on. Alternatively contact our support team by clicking here

"EasiPol has made our policy Management easier, faster and more reliable. It is now easier to store and access our Policy Holders Information."
J D Funerals
When asked what other Reports they would like - "None, we are happy with the current reports and have not even used most of them". There are currently over 75 reports, and growing...
Konyana Funerals
"We are now able to manage our funerals parlour properly, previously no-one in the business knew what was going on and our clients were not happy with our services..."
Two Mountains

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