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EasiPol Support

We believe that the most fundamental part of any business is Client Support, no questions asked.


  • Without you we dont exist
  • Without active input and requests from you, our products become old, unusable and actually quite boring
  • We thrive on improvements and providing solutions to our Client, after all we are an Innovation Company

So how do we accomplish this?

  • Ensuring we have enough Resources/Personall to handle all incoming support requests
  • Install a culture with all our staff, that Client is King
  • Have quarterly surveys to find out from you if we are meeting your Support Needs
  • All Staff have Support Targets, where we evaluate how effective they are, in assisting you
  • Support Channels - all FREE OF CHARGE

Contact EasiPol Support

Handling all those pesky issues that prevent you from getting the most out of EasiPol...

+27 861 484899
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